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Used Car Evaluation & Inspection

Used Car Inspection

Buying a good used car is challenging now a days because :

1 in every 5 cars is a SALVAGED car

1 in every 15 cars is REBUILT

1 in every 25 cars has been involved in an ACCIDENT

1 in every 50 cars has a TAMPERED ODOMETER

1 in every 100 cars has been DAMAGED BY FLOOD

For Buying a used car we provide professional approach. We will do a full check up of its performance, history, condition and we will uncover all its hidden defects and their repairing cost.

Used Car Evaluation

A lot of people specially newly migrated one doesn’t know the market value of the car and they end up in paying more than the market value or actual value of the car. We are here to ensure that you don’t get scammed and pay any extra money for the car you are buying. We also guarantee the best resale of our selected car.

Used Car Arrangement

If you are having any problem in finding your desired car let us know, We are here to find  your dream car in best possible price.

Used Car
Registration & Testing

Bought a car but doesn’t know what to do next OR Don’t have time !

Contact us and we will take care of all the process from testing to registration and delivery at your door step.

Mobile Inspection Of Your Selected Car

Found a car but need a professional to check it at showroom or at sellers place!

Contact Us and our professional will accompany you.

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