Car Inspecter

Terms & Conditions


These terms and conditions govern the use of our car inspection service. By using our service, you agree to these terms and conditions.


Inspection Process

Our inspection process includes a comprehensive examination of the vehicle to identify any issues or concerns. We will inspect the exterior, interior, engine, transmission, brakes, suspension, and other components as needed. Our inspectors are qualified and experienced professionals.


Fees and Payment

The fee for the inspection service is determined based on the type of inspection requested and the location of the vehicle. Payment must be made in advance of the inspection and can be made by credit card or other approved payment method. We reserve the right to cancel or reschedule the inspection for any reason, in which case a full refund will be provided.

Reports and Results

After the inspection is completed, we will provide a detailed report of our findings. The report will include any issues or concerns identified during the inspection, as well as recommendations for repairs or maintenance. The report will be delivered to the customer in a timely manner.

Liability and Disclaimers

We are not liable for any damages or losses incurred as a result of the inspection or any recommendations made in the report. Our inspection is not a guarantee of the condition or performance of the vehicle. The customer is responsible for any repairs or maintenance identified during the inspection.


Privacy Policy

We collect and store customer information in accordance with applicable privacy laws. We do not share customer information with third parties without consent, except as required by law.



These terms and conditions are subject to change at any time without notice. The customer is responsible for ensuring that the vehicle is available for inspection at the scheduled time and location. Any disputes arising from the inspection or these terms and conditions will be resolved in accordance with applicable law.

By using our car inspection service, you acknowledge that you have read and agree to these terms and conditions.

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